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My kids LOVE these visuals! My son has never been successful in auditory memory. In only three months, with his own set of flashcards, he memorized questions 1–50! We are so thankful! Spread the word. Your family NEEDS these cards!

mom with boy hugging her from behind, over her shoulder

You should be selling these to everyone! They are great for all kids, not just kids with disabilities. 

grandfather hugging young girl

I love using the Children’s Catechism flashcards with my three boys. Two of them are old enough that we’re having good conversations about questions in addition to memorizing them! My youngest is just happy to be practicing repeating the answers with his big brothers. I highly recommend them!” 

James J
teacher making sure each child understands


The Impact of Learning Disabilities on Discipleship

by Ashley Belknap

Learning disabilities significantly impact one’s ability to assimilate information. In school, foundational subjects, like reading and math, are very challenging. So are learning skills, such as memorization and recall. As one ages, the absence of those skills greatly impacts a person’s daily life. Without the ability to read or write, follow a sequence of events, stay on task, or work independently, adults have difficulty navigating job responsibilities, deadlines, and details.


Simply the Gospel is owned and operated by Engaging Disability With The Gospel. We are committed to
advancing the kingdom of God by coaching churches to disciple and enfold kids, teens, and adults with disabilities.

Our adapted resources are created with unique learners in mind, but they are designed to benefit everyone.
We want to see people of ALL abilities growing in Christ and thriving together.

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