About Simply the Gospel

Welcome to Simply the Gospel where we spend time adapting, so you can spend time teaching!

Simply the Gospel offers gospel-centered resources to help everyone grow in Christ. We believe that these carefully designed discipleship resources will help every child, teen, and adult grow in their understanding of who God is and what he teaches us in the Bible.

Our products are designed to benefit everyone, but they will especially help those with unique learning challenges and disabilities. By breaking down content into small pieces, and putting them back together once they are learned and mastered, everyone understands and learns more easily. This is especially true for individuals with unique learning differences.

Simply the Gospel is owned and operated by Engaging Disability With The Gospel, the denominational disability ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). As a ministry of Mission to North America (MNA) of the PCA, we are committed to cultivating kingdom advancement by coaching churches to disciple and enfold kids, teens, and adults with disabilities. Our adapted resources enable people of ALL abilities to grow and thrive together.

For more information on how Engaging Disability can come alongside your family or church, visit the Engaging Disability website or email the staff.

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