Teacher helping a student in class
Common Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia. Primarily a reading disability, dyslexia also impacts other areas of learning and expression, such as listening, speaking, writing, sequencing, and remembering. Dyslexia causes difficulty in decoding, or properly identifying speech sounds and relating those sounds to letters and words for the purpose of reading.

Chart showing visual perception disabilities statisticsDysgraphia. Primarily a writing disability, dysgraphia causes a student to not continually progress in learning to form letters, spell words, and put those words into sentences and paragraphs. Writing requires several discreet skills, such as attention, focus, effort, organization, and planning.

Dyscalculia. Primarily a math learning disability, dyscalculia affects the ability to count numbers, money, and time, which all have strict rules to follow. Students with dyscalculia struggle to remember the rules. They require considerably more detailed instruction to succeed in math. Dyscalculia and dyslexia frequently appear together.