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Catechism Visuals

We encourage parents and teachers to start with questions 1-50 as early as possible. Reading the questions to your babies, toddlers, and those with limited language skills will begin to imprint great Bible truths even before expressive language emerges. By the time children are two years old, they are ready to begin memorizing the answers to the questions. On the upper end, our visuals are appropriate through later elementary years for typically-developing children and through the teenage years for students with disabilities.

Yes! Please visit our wholesale page and fill out the form. We will process your request and be in touch soon.

Currently, they are only available in English, but we hope to expand in the future. If you have a specific request, please email us.

Unique Learners

Our products are designed with unique learning needs in mind. However, we find that almost every product we offer is appropriate and very beneficial in the discipleship process of everyone.

Simply the Gospel is owned and operated by Engaging Disability With The Gospel. In 2018, this store began as a simple shop page on Engaging Disability With The Gospel’s website. As we grew, we realized our products could have a much broader reach with the support of a store website.

You bet! We are here to serve our families. We want you to feel confident in your purchase AND have strategies that work for discipling your unique learner. Feel free to contact us at 470-294-6229 or email us for help.

We would love to connect you with our staff at Engaging Disability for your family and church ministry needs! You can visit our website and go to the Getting Started tab for first steps. Or simply email us, and we will be happy to help you get started.

Same Lake, Different Boat

Yes! Please visit our wholesale page and fill out the form. We will process your request and be in touch soon.

Absolutely. This book offers a distinctly reformed, gospel-centered, theologically-grounded approach to understanding the impact that disability has on families and churches. It has the depth that every pastor will appreciate, while offering engaging application stories that will warm the heart and make understanding easy and applicable for everyone.

Always! Please email us, and we will help you figure out the best resource for your church now.

Stephanie O. Hubach (MATS, Covenant Theological Seminary) is research fellow in disability ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary and visiting instructor in the seminary’s educational ministries program. She was the founding director of Engaging Disability With The Gospel. Find out more about Steph and access additional resources on her website.

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If you have a question that isn’t answered on these pages, the easiest way to reach us is by email or phone at 470-294-6229.