mom teaching children the catechism at home
Teach the Bible at Home with Our Catechism Visuals

Would you like a way to help your children learn the truths of the Christian faith that is easy and fun? Use our Catechism Visuals.

Teach the Catechism Visually

Available as flashcards and as a bound classroom edition, our Children’s Catechism tools offer a theologically appropriate, visual approach to teaching children the truths of our faith. Based on the First Catechism (© 2003, Great Commission Publications, used by permission), these are unique tools for learning the catechism while supporting your student’s memory work.

You can teach theology to your kids, even if you’re not a teacher

The flashcards and books include tips for teaching children of differing abilities. Parents will find these teaching tips useful for any child. Each card has a simple illustration that highlights the primary theological truth in each question and answer. The fun, original illustrations help keep students engaged. The consistency of the illustrations throughout the series strengthen memorization and retention.

Engage your children by asking them what each illustration represents. Explaining the spiritual significance of the illustrations helps cement the truths in young minds. Do you have non-readers or pre-readers? Key words, such as BIBLE AND GOD, are highlighted in unique styles throughout the cards. By teaching children to recognize those words, you can help them learn to read.

Perfect for your whole family

Do you have older children? Include them in helping your younger ones learn. Make learning the catechism a nurturing family experience. The cards and books come in three volumes, each covering 50 questions.

Get your catechism visuals today!